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Our Process

DeGraff Bloom Custom Builders, Inc. offers a unique home building experience. From working with you to develop your distinctive home plan; to assist in choosing just the right finishes; to making sure that the customer understands the process along the way, Degraff Bloom specializes in modifying plans to suit each homeowner’s lifestyle.


Our process is designed around you too! We want to take the stress out of the details so you can enjoy the process of building your new home. The trained and experienced team at DeGraff Bloom is with you every step of the way to ensure this experience exceeds all expectations. Here’s some important and helpful information to get you started.

Model Selection

Not only are there dozens of models to choose from, DeGraff Bloom specializes in customizing plans to suit your needs and to make your home unique. Our realtors will help you decide which model is best for you. We have over 1700 model house plans available.

Initial Deposit

The lot hold deposit holds the property for up to ten days.

Purchase Agreement

Once your contract is signed, the design is finalized and approved, and a deposit is made on your new home, final plans will be ordered. To avoid confusion, once the purchase contract is signed, any questions should be directed to our office.

Custom Selections 

To avoid delay, the final selections for your new home must be made within two weeks of the issuance of the building permit. You will be asked to contact suppliers to make appointments as soon as your house plans are ready. Addendum “H” Selection Sheet, attached to your contract outlines the selections that must be made, and lists our suppliers contact information.

Construction Process

The permit application is submitted as soon as the final plans are ready and stamped.  Construction starts as soon as the permit is issued.

Once the framing is complete, the electrician will contact you to schedule a walkthrough to determine your preferences.  Following the walkthrough, the walkthrough form will be faxed to our lighting supplier so that your lighting selections can be finalized, and ordered.


Your new home is tracked in our office with scheduling software. Once the house is sheetrocked, a more accurate estimated completion date can be set.


If you want to upgrade your landscape package, we can direct you to the landscaper directly.

Buyer Orientation 

 Pre-Closing Inspection

Prior to closing, the project manager will contact you to schedule a pre-closing walkthrough and orientation. During the walkthrough inspection, the final punch list will be noted. Our goal is to complete your punch list prior to closing. The project manager will review the operation guidelines for the features of your new home.


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You should contact the phone company, electric and gas provider, and cable 2 – 3 weeks prior to closing to take care of setting up service and switching accounts to your name. Most banks schedule an inspection of the house prior to closing, this inspection should be coordinated with our office. Lory Adams is our closing specialist and will handle your closing.

Post Construction 

 1 Year Warranty Visit

If you have any punch list or warranty issues with your new home, please always be sure to contact our office in writing or via email so we can make sure the work is completed to your satisfaction.

Once your punch list is finished, please start a new list of items, such as nail pops or stress cracks to be addressed at the one-year visit. Degraff Bloom includes a one-year service visit with all new homes.  Vice-President Mark Bloom will visit your new home, review your list, and make arrangements to have the work completed.

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